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Monsters, Inc.

We Scare Because We Care.
Monsters, Inc. Movie Poster

US Release Date: 11-02-2001

Directed by: Peter Docter, David Silverman


  • Billy Crystal
  • Mike Wazowski
  • John Goodman
  • Sulley
  • Mary Gibbs
  • Boo
  • Steve Buscemi
  • Randall Boggs
  • James Coburn
  • Henry J. Waternoose III
  • Jennifer Tilly
  • Celia
  • Bonnie Hunt
  • Flint
  • John Ratzenberger
  • Yeti
  • Frank Oz
  • Fungus
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Reviewed on: November 4th, 2001
John Goodman voice Sulley in Monsters, Inc..

John Goodman voice Sulley in Monsters, Inc..

Remember being a child and being scared of the closet? Remember thinking there was a monster in there or under your bed? According to Monsters, Inc., you were right.

In a different dimension there is a society of very friendly monsters. Their source of energy is the scream of a child. They work in teams of 2, one doing the scaring and the other the technical harnessing of the scream energy. The scaring one enters the dimensional door into a child's room, does the scaring, elicits a scream and quickly exits.

Our heroes are Sully, a big scaring type, (John Goodman) and his partner Mike, (Billy Crystal) the comic relief. They accidentally let an over zealous toddler back into their dimension and all 'you know what' breaks loose. Through many laughs the "monsters" discover the girl is not the toxic creature they thought she was. They also learn of an evil plot involving the child, that only our heroes can foil.

This movie is a roller coaster of imagination and humor. The pace is very swift. The jokes and visuals come at you faster than a cop on his way to a donut sale. From a sled ride down the Himalayas to a chase through a dimensional door warehouse. This movie slows down only when it gives some necessary plot exposition. But then its off again at a NASCAR pace.

Goodman is good as his usual big lovable character. It is, of course, Billy Crystal who steals the show as the one eyed Mike. Picture him like someone who works in middle management. That is to say he is a brown noser who thrives on the labor of his associate, and is always trying to get out of work he doesn't want to do.

Definitely a fun movie for all ages.

Reviewed on: November 7th, 2001
Billy Crystal voices Mike while John Goodman voices Sulley in Monsters, Inc.

Billy Crystal voices Mike while John Goodman voices Sulley in Monsters, Inc.

The makers of Toy Story, and A Bug's Life have done it again. The people who showed us what Toys do when we're not at home and what's really going on in that ant pile, now show us what is living in our closets.

In a truly original storyline, Monsters, Inc. tells the story of Monstropolis, a city populated entirely by monsters. Their power supply company is called Monsters, Inc. Their power supply is children's screams. They gain these screams by creeping into children's bedrooms at night and scaring them. Mike and Sully, voiced by Crystal and Goodman, are the two Scream Leaders, scaring more children than any other Monsters. Randall, the Monster in second place has a plan to get ahead of them. However, inadvertently, he allows a small child into the Monster world, a place where they believe small children to be toxic.

Like it's predecessors, Monsters is a computer generated cartoon. And like them it is beautifully done, even better than those earlier efforts. Although, they still have not reached the level of sophistication to show a fully detailed human, Boo is definitely leaps ahead of the children from the original Toy Story. The monsters themselves are wonderful and highly detailed. Sully's fur is textured and when it blows in the breeze you can see each individual hair. The background is also loaded with details. A post-it in Mike's locker says "remember to turn in paperwork". A few scenes later he is chastised for not doing so. One of the toys in Boo's bedroom is the Cowgirl from Toy Story 2.

The one thing that makes a cartoon a classic is how well does it entertain the adults. Nearly every Disney cartoon ever made has realized this and has made sure it's jokes work on two levels. Unlike Shrek, the other big cartoon of the year, Monsters, Inc. has learned this lesson. I have no children, I didn't see Monsters with a child, and I still laughed and enjoyed myself. Shrek on the other hand was strictly for the kids and I hope the Academy remembers this when it comes time to vote in the new Oscar category, Best Animated Film.

Reviewed on: November 9th, 2001
John Goodman voices Sulley while Billy Crystal voices Mike in Monsters, Inc.

John Goodman voices Sulley while Billy Crystal voices Mike in Monsters, Inc.

My brothers have left little for me to add to this one. Monsters, Inc is a wonderful, imaginative and very funny movie. My one complaint is that it is a little too cutesy in some places and Boo is so precious at times that diabetics should be forewarned. Still the jokes all work (I especially enjoyed the Abominable snowman) and the visuals are great.

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