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Max Keeble's Big Move

His World. His Rules.
Max Keeble's Big Move Movie Poster

US Release Date: 10-05-2001

Directed by: Tim Hill


  • Alex D. Linz
  • Max Keeble
  • Larry Miller
  • Principal Elliot T. Jindraike
  • Jamie Kennedy
  • Evil Ice Cream Man
  • Zena Grey
  • Megan
  • Josh Peck
  • Robe
  • Nora Dunn
  • Lily Keeble
  • Robert Carradine
  • Don Keeble
Reviewed on: October 7th, 2001
Max Keeble's Big Move

Max Keeble's Big Move

Remember that awkward time in your life when you didn't think of yourself as a little kid any more, but you knew you were not grown up? You still had child like fantasies but were starting to notice the opposite sex in a sexual way. Yes I am talking about junior high/middle school.

In the new Disney movie Max Keeble's Big Move we see a first year junior high student in all his geekdom. Admit it. You were a geek in junior high. We all were. Even the kids you thought were cool were just geeks with better hair. Max has 2 friends. A girl, who of course has a crush on him, and a boy, who for some unexplained reason wears a bathrobe all the time, even to school. Ok, some geeks stand out from the rest of the geeks.

Max does battle with the evil ice cream man, dodges bullies, gets picked on by the obnoxious principle and drools over the Britney Spears wannabe older student. However, the movie doesn't get started until his Dad announces the family is moving away. At this point Max decides to get even with all his nemesis's with the full knowledge that he will move away long before they can exact revenge.

Ok, the ending is a giveaway. But this movie is a roller coaster. Its not the destination, its the wild ride. In a very fast spaced movie Max has more fun in one week of Junior high school than any of us ever did. Most of the jokes are really juvenile, but hey that is the target audience.