Movie Review

Just Go with It

Sometime you need a girl, to get the girl.
Just Go with It Movie Poster

US Release Date: 02-11-2011

Directed by: Dennis Dugan


  • Adam Sandler
  • Danny Maccabee
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Katherine
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Devlin Adams
  • Nick Swardson
  • Eddie
  • Brooklyn Decker
  • Palmer
  • Bailee Madison
  • Maggie / Kiki Dee
  • Griffin Gluck
  • Michael / Bart
  • Dave Matthews
  • Ian Maxtone Jones
  • Kevin Nealon
  • Adon
  • Rachel Dratch
  • Kirsten Brant
  • Keegan Michael Key
  • Ernesto
  • Heidi Montag
  • Adon's Wife
  • Andy Roddick
  • Good Looking Guy on Plane
  • Jonathan Loughran
  • Pick Up Guy #1
  • Peter Dante
  • Pick Up Guy #2
Reviewed on: March 17th, 2012
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in Just Go with It

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in Just Go with It

Just Go with It is as predictable as a movie can be.  Its premise is ridiculously sitcomish.  The coincidences are the kind we only see in the movies.  Yet, I still liked this film and would call it one of Adam Sandler's better efforts.

Danny is a successful plastic surgeon.  He developed a way of getting women into bed years earlier when he broke up with his fiance on his wedding day.  He went into a bar where a real hottie suddenly became attracted to him because she thought he was married.  He gave her a sob story about his wife and they ended up having sex.  Ever since, he wears his ring to bars, because according to this film, lots of beautiful women are attracted to miserably married men.  Like I wrote, the premise is not that solid.

Danny eventually meets a woman, Palmer, that he takes seriously and wants to pursue a real relationship with, but his old trick back fires as she now thinks he is married.  He assures her he is leaving her, blah blah blah, he gets his assistant Katherine to pretend to be her, blah blah blah.  They all end up in Hawaii with Katherine's kids, Nick Swarsdon and Nicole Kidman for good measure. 

The entire film plays out like a big budget Threes Company episode, with everyone pretending to be someone else.  As I write this, I realize how ludicrous this movie sounds.  However, it finds a rhythm and the cast keeps it lively even when it walks on well worn paths.  Hey, I laughed several times, it must have done something right.

When Danny first has Katherine pretend to be his shrew of a wife, she and Danny sit across from Palmer insulting each other.  At one point Palmer says, "I can't wait to Twitter this to all my friends."  and Katherine snips, "Oh I forgot, you're 15."  Danny tries to kick Katherine under the table but misses and kicks Palmer. 

When Danny needs Katherine's kids to go along with the lie, he takes them out for negotiations, where they each make their demands.  Katherine's son Michael says, "I want the meeting with Blondie to be at J.D. McFunnigan's?"  Danny suggests, "How about Charlie Choo-choos because it's right down the street from me?" Michael is having none of that, "You mention that slop-hole again, and I walk."

The children are not in that much of the film but Michael is a great character.  Later in the film Palmer asks Michael, "...if you could be anyone else, who would it be?"  Michael responds, "Mr. Dechesray."  His sister Maggie asks, "Our mailman?"  and Michael clarifies, "He just seems to have it all figured out."

Palmer is young enough to be Danny's daughter.  She looks like she belongs on the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Aniston works her charming middle aged girl next door routine for all it is worth.   Not only is she closer to Sandler in age, but Katherine shares his interests.  The scene where they realize they love each other is sweetly romantic.  Sandler shares a genuine chemistry with Aniston.  She never takes any of his crap.

Of course you know how this film will end, but we always know how romantic comedies will end.  The fun in them is the journey, not the destination.  Despite it's lack of originality, Just Go with It remains a pleasantly jovial ride.