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Griff the Invisible

The greatest superpower is love
Griff the Invisible Movie Poster

US Release Date: 08-19-2011

Directed by: Leon Ford


  • Ryan Kwanten
  • Griff
  • Maeve Dermody
  • Melody
  • Patrick Brammall
  • Tim
  • Toby Schmitz
  • Tony
  • Marshall Napier
  • Benson
  • Heather Mitchell
  • Bronwyn
  • David Webb
  • Gary
Reviewed on: January 5th, 2012
Ryan Kwanten as Griff the Invisible pondering what is more important, the truth or the truth that makes you happy?

Ryan Kwanten as Griff the Invisible pondering what is more important, the truth or the truth that makes you happy?

Griff the Invisible is a small budget superhero film from Australia.  It has a twist you may or may not see coming.  It may add to your enjoyment or ruin it completely for you.  Either way, Griff the Invisible's heart is in the right place and you may feel more for Griff than you did during most other block buster superhero films.

Griff is a painfully shy office drone.  He walks to his cubicle with his head down hoping no one will speak to him let alone even notice him.  One girl stares at him with obvious interest while the office jerk enjoys teasing him.   He lives alone and other than occasional visits from his brother Tim, he has no social life what-so-ever. 

Griff however, is a superhero.  He dons a costume and defends his neighborhood from muggers and such.  His line to them after beating them up or sending them running is to, "Stay out of my neighborhood."   There are sightings of Griff in his costume but no one knows who he is, not even his brother.  Notices are up around the block asking if anyone knows his identity.

One day Tim brings his new girlfriend Melody, over to meet Griff.  They have an immediate connection.  Melody is a bit odd as she keeps purposely running into walls thinking she is able to walk through them.  The shy Griff and the weird Melody find an attraction to each other no one else seems to understand.   She soon discovers that he is actually a superhero, and as much as Griff tries to push her away she ends up helping him.  This of course ends up causing a few issues with his brother.

Ryan Kwanten is good as the nerve wracked Griff.  He drew me in and I felt more pity for him than Clark Kent. Maeve Dermody as Melody creates a strange yet likeable love interest.  She understands Griff in ways Tim does not.

If the film missteps at all it is when Griff gets back at Tony by playing jokes on him in the office.  It goes against his character to do something so brave and social while not in his costume.  It is a minor mistake that does not deter from a film that has comedy, action, a love story and some drama. All that at only 90 minutes.   

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