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Dogging: A Love Story

Dogging: A Love Story  Movie Poster

United Kingdom Release Date: 10-07-2009

Directed by: Simon Ellis


  • Luke Treadaway
  • Dan
  • Kate Heppell
  • Laura
  • Richard Riddell
  • Rob
  • Sammy T. Dobson
  • Tanya
  • Michael Socha
  • Jim
  • Justine Glenton
  • Sarah
  • Allen Mechen
  • Laura's Dad
Reviewed on: January 2nd, 2011
Luke Treadaway in Dogging: A Love Story

Luke Treadaway in Dogging: A Love Story

Dogging is apparently a term for having public sex in New Castle, England.  I never even knew they had sex in England, straight sex anyway.  This film is based on the habits of exhibitionists who have sex in their cars in parking lots at night.  They do it for the thrill of the danger as well as the voyeurs who whack off outside their cars.   

Dogging: A Love Story has an erotic theme but is fairly tame.   Twenty something wannabe journalist Dan decides to write an expose on this social/sexual activity.  His flat-mate Rob is a regular participant in dogging.  He and his older girlfriend know the ropes.  People do it in their cars in parking lots at random, or they organize car orgies over the internet.

On the net, Dan finds Laura. They plan to meet but they never seem to get together.  Their love story is pretty dull, seeming more like a sitcom than a movie.  Dan has a large breasted girlfriend who would rather flirt with her boss than have sex with Dan.  Laura has an admirer who thinks he is pretty fly for a white guy.  He wears a baseball hat crooked and moon walks. 

For a movie about public sex, the sex scenes are more tease than show.  Most have one clothed person on top of another clothed person, humping away.  Other than a couple of blokes bare asses, their is no nudity to speak of.  Even when a woman is doing a reverse cowgirl, she keeps her bra on.  Nudity is somehow off limits but they can show two different ejaculations.  Naked breasts are of limits but cum on a window is alright?

Luke Treadaway as Dan is as forgettable as he is dull.  It is not at all surprising that his girlfriend enjoys teasing the men at her work, instead of being with him.   The supporting actors steal the movie from him.  Richard Riddell is good as the always horny Rob and Michael Socha as the wannabe pimp had me laughing the most. 

The story, what little there is, culminates in a big dogging get-together.  All the players show up but not everyone leaves with who they came with.  By "came," I mean arrived.   Dogging: A Love Story is mildly fascinating for the subject matter, but it works better as individual sketches than a complete story.