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US Release Date: 06/13/1952


Directed by:George Cukor


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Pat and Mike

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Although we will probably never know for sure, Scott, there are many people who don't believe Hepburn and Tracy were lovers at all. Merely beards to hide the fact that they each preferred the same sex. For Tracy, who was married to a devoutly catholic woman, the scandal of his open "relationship" with Hepburn would have been much less damaging to his career than admitting he was gay. There are dozens of stories about Hepburn's preference for women, including her longtime live-in companion.
#1 - Patrick - 09/13/2012 16:31:29pm
Patrick, I don't think your comment appropriate. Just an allusion to unsubstantiated gossip. Now had you said Tracy was a little fat guy drunk half the time, or more. And, that Hepburn had a weakness for weakness, alcoholism, that would have been closer to the mark. And not at all unsubstantiated.
#2 - Barry Lane - 09/13/2012 21:57:20pm
Barry, I don't see what's innapropriate about my comment, unless of course you consider it negative to be gay. I certainly do not and I also sympathize with anyone from that generation that was. And anyway, so Tracy couldn't have been a little fat guy drunk half the time and be gay. Hmm. Perhaps that's why he WAS drunk half the time. And it is certainly no stretch to see Kate Hepburn as a lesbian. Anyway, I did preface my statement by saying we will never know for sure, but what I want to know is why it bothers you so much that I'm merely speculating about their sexuality?
#3 - Patrick - 09/14/2012 00:39:15am
Speculation about anything bothers me. Including medical conditions. I read Mann's book and thought it well written but manipulative with an agenda. Stick to what is so.That's all.
#4 - Barry Lane - 09/14/2012 09:17:56am
Further to the issue of speculation, sexual or political. It ain't news. We see it on television and in print journalism all the time being passed off as information and insight. Often tied to popular political misconceptions of the past. The f inal insult to intelligence comes when the uninformed public votes on a questin of the day and the results are offered as newsworthy. They are not. Just populism filling a void that cried for history and context. As for Hepburn being a lesbian, I don't know, but surely would have liked to try some of that myself. My father knew her, thought her very cute. He did not get anywhere.
#5 - Barry - 09/14/2012 09:31:21am
I agree that such speculation isn't news but it is still sometimes fun to ponder and discuss, that's why I mentioned it in the comments section and not in my review itself.
#6 - Patrick - 09/14/2012 15:07:31pm
Sure, that makes some sense.
#7 - Barry - 09/14/2012 15:45:59pm
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