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Leon: The Professional

Leon: The Professional Movie Poster

US Release Date: 11/18/1994

Directed by:Luc Besson


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Reportedly Oldman improvised the sniffing and the actor he sniffs isn't faking his discomfort. He didn't know Oldman was going to do it.
#1 - Scott - 09/28/2011 21:12:37pm
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I still enjoyed this movie as evidenced by the 3 stars I gave it. I just think it could have been even better if Besson had reeled in the action just a bit.
#2 - Patrick - 09/29/2011 03:07:11am
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For me, this is one of the earliest films that really opened my eyes up. I had never really seen this blend of action and drama. Just like Eric said, there hasn't been a relationship on film quite like this one since Paper Moon. Besides the acting, what makes this film great is the directing and the cinematography. The shots of New York are done very well and also do not appear to be your atypical shooting locals. I am so used to seeing New York from a Metropolis perspective (Wall Street, Spiderman, Family Man, Die Hard, ect) it is refreshing to see a different backdrop of the same city. The action sequences weren't so "over the top" for me. I suppose he is no Jason Bourne, but he is also no Rambo. I tell you one thing, Jason Bourne and Rambo both share something in common, they cannot be killed. Leon on the other hand is not immortal. A bullet can end his life. His death scene is magnificant and unique. Besson isolates sounds and music to perfect dramatic effect. Many scenes are like this. I love the scene where one of Stansfield's goons is telling him how a mysterious hitman went through on a killing spree all the while we are seeing shots of the action. NO WOMEN, NO KIDS. This film has always been in my top 10. Gary Oldman is amazing in this. Every scene he is in I am on the edge of my seat. Me and a college buddy used to quote him at the top of our lungs. "I need you to get on the phone and call everyone" "Everyone?" "EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And I am with you Scott, I have been dying for a sequal. I had hoped they had done it before Portman reached full adulthood. I still hold this film as her best performance and now I am not sure if she would be up for it. She seemed harder in this film then any she has been in afterward. Maybe the Hollywood life has made her soft. I do have respect for her. She has chosen some roles that have suprised me. They certainly should have released a director's cut of Closer, lol. I recently saw her in a very intersting music video.
#3 - Wesley - 08/09/2013 10:16:58am
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