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Gladiator Movie Poster

US Release Date: 05/05/2000

Directed by:Ridley Scott


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this is th worst set of reveiws i have ever read, how can you say the plot is reuined by te politics. if it weren't for that there would be no plot. This is probably the worst movie review site i have seen. just shocking.
#1 - annomymous - 10/17/2010 05:51:51am
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well you know what they say annomymous (creative spelling). Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.
#2 - Patrick - 10/17/2010 11:09:09am
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the only thing anyone remebers from this movie is th fighting. te plot is merely jealously and revenge, played like it is Shakespeare.
#3 - Eric - 10/17/2010 12:21:08pm
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