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Spain Release Date: 10/30/2009


Directed by:Salvador Garcia Ruiz


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Reviewed on: December 22nd, 2010
Jaime, Jose and Marcos in a three way.

Jaime, Jose and Marcos in a three way.

3Some (Castillos de carton) is as it sounds. Three art students engage in a menage a trois. For a film with such an interesting set up, it is a bit slow, with too much drama. The sexual scenario is the film's one aspect to keep your interest.

Marcos and Jaime are college art students. They have a routine of getting women into bed. Early in the movie they invite a strikingly attractive fellow student, Jose, back to their apartment and smoke some weed with her. At a particular moment Jaime leaves the room. Marcos, who is the tall thin good looking of the two, then begins making out with Jose.  They start kissing and remove some clothes. As soon as Jose reaches for Marcos's penis, he stops her stating he is impotent. Jaime, the shorter, hairier friend, then enters and finishes the deed with the now horny girl.

They later explain to Jose that they have done this before. Jaime describes Marcos as, "a Greek god" when explaining his insecurity to Jose. He tells her that she would not have had sex with him if not for her attraction to Marcos. Jose has issues at home with her father, and turns to Jaime and Marcos, whom she starts to call her, "boyfriends." She falls in love with both of them as she continues to have sex with Jaime as Marcos watches.

Problems arise when Marcos's penis finally does as well. It is now Jaime's turn to watch as Marcos and Jose have sex in front of him. Jealously rears its ugly face as Jose starts to have sex with each man away from the others prying eyes. 

The three lovers graduate from college and their relationship hits a fork in the road. Marcos, the most talented painter of the three, has the opportunity to do shows and perhaps find fame in the art world. Jaime, although a technically competent artist, will likely end up an art teacher. Jose loves them both, but how will it end?

That in itself is the movie's problem. I never cared. I have honestly never been in this type of a love triangle, but the logistics speak for themselves. They all get something out of this arrangement, but they are all fooling themselves if they thought it was a permanent thing. All three characters have fears and frustrations, but I never felt enough for any of them to get emotionally involved.

Art is a metaphor in the film. Jaime draws still life that is cold and without emotion. Marcos is the opposite. One particular painting of his emotionally moves Jose. That is all fine, but the graphic sex is what you will remember most.

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